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We are the feeling you get during a long shower, desperately scrubbing the shame from your delicate genitals with steel wool and bleach while your high school English teacher watches from the toilet and finishes a kebab.

In addition to that we’re the makers of the Golden Gibbo nominated musical comedy production Slutmonster and Friends, and more recently the web series Trying My Best. Keep an eye on us, you may be required in court as a witness. 

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Here’s some Frequently Asked Questions about Birthday Loyalty Club.

Q. How do I join the club?
A. It’s not a club you can join. It’s just the name of our group.

Q. Okay, how do I join the group then?
A. No, you… We’re not looking for members. We’re a comedy group that calls themselves Birthday Loyalty Club.

Q. I’ll give you twenty dollars to join. Is that enough? I could go find an ATM…
A. I can’t take your money. I don’t know how I can make it any clearer. Birthday Loyalty Club make comedy. You just consume it. That’s the extent of your involvement with us.

Q. Sorry, I didn’t catch that, I was off getting some more money out. Okay, here’s sixty bucks.
A. Welcome to the club.

Thankyou to Worth a Shot Productions for the awesome photos of Lucas, Wes and Jessie.

Birthday Loyalty Club
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