Birthday Loyalty Club presents ‘Trying My Best’

Melbourne comedy group Birthday Loyalty Club have launched their surreal, lowbrow new online comedy series, ‘Trying My Best’. Fronted by a queer, joyously perverse host (played by performing artist Jessie Ngaio), the show has been compared by audiences to The Mighty Boosh, Rick & Morty, or an episode of Playschool where the cast have dropped acid. The entire series is free to watch online now at

Combining intensely colourful, head-twisting art with apocalyptically dark humour, ‘Trying My Best’ features sparkle-eyed puppets, mutated set pieces and a catchy soundtrack. From its happy-go-lucky beginnings the show quickly descends into a demented, surrealist nightmare, where the audience is forced to decipher the storyline through the cracks that appear in the production. The result is a children’s variety show, which must never be seen by any children. Ever.

Consisting of four core members, Birthday Loyalty Club make comedy that explores deviance, otherness, sexuality and neuroses – while not shying away from the lowbrow, joyful and puerile. Ngaio, who both plays the lead role and acted as the show’s Production Designer, drew on both her fine art background and her experience of working in the porn industry to inform the aesthetic and conceptual elements of the series.

Birthday Loyalty Club’s previous work:

The group’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, ‘Slutmonster and Friends’, was nominated for the Golden Gibbo award and received glowing reviews from nauseated critics. Crikey wrote: “Slutmonster is gross-out porn of the highest quality, and dammit if you don’t just swallow your gag reflex and wade through this festering delight of a show.”

Audience commentary for Trying My Best:

“This is all kinds of wrong. I mean amazing. You’ll be singing ‘Sex Pants’ into your goddamn grave.”
“It’s fucking insane and I don’t know what is real any more.”
“It’s best to watch it a few times, there’s so much in there.”
“There isn’t a moment of this show that I’m not completely in love with.”

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Birthday Loyalty Club
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